Adolescent, Young Adult and Family Therapy

When a child or adolescent is struggling emotionally, they often show us in ways that aren't easy to understand. Sometimes teenagers tell us to go away when they really want us to come closer; children will behave strangely under stress, but deny anything is wrong when they don't have the words to express their emotions. family

As a psychotherapist specializing in children, adolescents, and young adults, I am passionate about providing youths with a safe space in which they can explore their feelings, and use their creativity to work out solutions with a compassionate, curious person. I also enjoy helping young people and their parents communicate during challenging times, which is why I consult with parents regularly about their minor child's treatment.

Childhood and adolescence can be difficult developmental stages, but they are also times when a skilled psychotherapist can make a world of difference in a youth's self-esteem, sense of self, and developing character. Psychotherapy is an investment, and an opportunity to learn that it is not our challenges that define our lives, but how we grow from them. Call or email me today to arrange a free phone consultation. stone

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